Thursday, 1 January 2015

Grannies at School in the Cloud - Walking the Talk!

Thank you friends who sent their best wishes at the launch of The Elders Sole!!

Here is our New Year Gift to global educators eager to connect with Indian students. The Elders Sole train students, teachers and parents of National Ideal School to get them online and connect with the world. The school look forward to "Interviewing Malala" being arranged by Steve Sherman this year.

The Elders SOLE is a Social Responsibility project of Responsible Senior Citizens who want to contribute FREE to the world, as announced by Sebastian Panakal at Global Education Conference on 21-November-2014.


"We have adopted a village school. The very first School in the Cloud in Kerala will be launched here"

  • WE (Wiki Educators), launch Schools Online program of British Council at National Ideal School. The school will participate at eTwinning by British Council.
  • Teachers of National Ideal School will participate at Educational Conferences and upgrade their pedagogical skills. The teachers volunteer to help the local community lead a life of dignity using digital tools to provide services online.

Economically weak National Ideal School will compete shoulder to shoulder with schools with deep pockets. WikiEducators  support help the school tap into Social Capital and win. Today, it is ideas that rule the world; not money.

On Ground Participants will light the inaugural lamp at the ceremony.
  • Mark Seath and Janice Alpert from South Africa, presently at Cochin will light the lamp first.
  • Ali, C.E.O of National Ideal School will light the third wick.
  • A teacher representing the Staff and Students of National Ideal School will light the fourth wick.
Virtual Participants:
Teachers, students and Parents (School PTA world over) will participate at the function, virtually, on a Google Hangout.

I have sent invites to members of :
Due to time conflicts, some of them would connect on Skype and wish the audience, the rest will send a pre-recorded video message congratulating the project participants.

I have invited local dignitaries as well.
Below is a personal discussion and invite to business community in Cochin..

Programme Highlights:

  1. Mark Seath and Janice Alpert who light up the inaugural lamp at National Ideal School
  2. Steve Sherman, South Africa will address the audience and explain why students should learn to learn leveraging todays social software.
  3. Direct connection with schools abroad on Skype and exchange of goodwill.
  4. Playing video messages from facilitators all over the world ( who could not participate online due to time conflicts)
  5. National Anthem by students

Mark Seath and Janice Alpert who light up the inaugural lamp

Staff and Students of National Ideal School

Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Global Virtual Classroom

We connected Miss Mia Bineesh, 10th year student of Rajashree S.M. Memorial School with Janet Barnstable of Global Virtual Classroom. Bineesh is a member of The Elders.

Mia Bineesh will take part at NASA Interview on 19 Oct 2014. She will be an Ambassador of Digital India and e-Literacy in Kerala.

Mia Bineesh will mentor  grandpa Sankaran and help him teach Malayalam and Sanskrit to Malayalee children abroad.

Sankaran has already recited a sloka online, marketing his expertise as a Malayalam / Sanskrit Guru.

On day one, they were introduced friends in Bahrain, Taiwan, Japan etc. Social network should keep The Elders happy and productive.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

An Interview with Dr. Don Thomas

  • Go conquer the unconquered!
  • Think Mangal Yaan.

The Elders as Role Models..

The very first project The Elders chose was to get Generation Next on to Space Technology.
Although two students of Rajashree S.M. Memorial School was invited, they could not sign in to Google Hangout on 6th October 2014.

They will participate at the NASA Interview on 16 October 2014.

The Elders Matter!

"The Elders matter!!" Grey hair, grey matter, we matter!!  At Viswakalanikethan Conference Hall,  "The Elders" shared a proud moment, watching TV: hundreds of grey haired scientists congratulating each other at the success of India's Mars Mission - Mangal Yaan!!

Prof. Joy:           "Look at the energy level of our peers"
Janardhanan:     "We should get more active in the progress of our country"
Kurien Samuel: "We must start with e-Literacy, ensure social inclusion.." decided The Elders!

The Elders DO work fast.. Plunged themselves on to e-Literacy

Best wishes flew in from far and near..

Meeting on October 1, 2014 decided to help students go global. As the very first step:

  1. Decided to form an ad hoc committee to register "The Elders" as a Charitable Society under Government of Kerala, 
  2. Decided to celebrate Space Week with at An Interview with Astronaut Dr. Don Thomas
  3. Decided to launch e-Literacy Campaign all over Kerala.

The Elders plan to help Kerala become a leader in Online Learning.

The very first WikiEducator training by GeoGebra Institute of Kerala is arranged by The Elders at Cyber Pattambi on 22 October 2014.